Disparities in Funding for African NGOs

African non-governmental organisations (NGOs) face funding disparities that stifle their impact and their ability to plan for the long term. This research identifies ways in which philanthropic donors, whether based in Africa or outside the continent, can enable African leaders and their organisations to access the funding they need. Executive Summary African non-governmental organisations (NGOs) […]

The Role of African Philanthropy in Responding to Covid-19

A new report from Dalberg Advisors and the African Philanthropy Forum sheds light on how philanthropy in Africa is changing in response to Covid-19 and what steps are needed to drive a more effective response.  Philanthropists focused on Africa have stepped up their support for the people and communities most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Islam & Philanthropy

It is widely-known that every religion has philanthropic components to it, and Islam is no exception. Islamic injunctions make the act of charity obligatory for its believers. Amidst how deep-rooted philanthropy is within the Islamic faith, it is even more important to advocate for strategic and sustainable giving by Muslims to philanthropic causes.  The third […]