Enabling African Diaspora Philanthropy

As Black Panther broke film history records, it fueled worldwide interest in African resources, technological prowess, and creativity.   My two children, aged 18 and 9 and born and raised in the African diaspora, loved the mythical imagery of Wakanda.  They were moved by the deep ties that bind people of African descent. The film […]

Education: Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Some will be left behind because our current system is designed to enable those that have access to quality education to thrive. The weakest link on the African continent today is an education system without a clear purpose, one that isn’t accessible to everyone who wants it. In my view, education in the early years […]

APF Member Spotlight: Kenyatta Trust

An Interview with Nyokabi Kenyatta, Director, Kenyatta Trust. How long has your family been giving and what motivates you to keep the tradition? As a family, we have always been givers. Beginning with our parents, HE Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and HE Mama Ngina Kenyatta who instilled in us the virtues of giving. We have continued […]